Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to apply Certificate of Origin

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A document that certifies the country of origin of a particular product and it is a declaration document made by the exporter. Click here to see a Work flow for applying Certificate of Origin.

2 stages to be done for applying Certificate of Origin.

FIRST STAGE : Qualifying

(MUST be submitted 1 week before getting the COO endorsement and valid for 1 year)

1. Letter of Indemnity which type under company letterhead

2. Statutory Declaration

3. Copy of Company Registration (Form 9) or Business Registration (Form D), Form 24 & Form 49

4. Manufacturing License

5. Analysis Cost of Product (If any)

SECOND STAGE : Endorsing

1. Certificate of Origin Form

2. Commercial Invoice & supplier invoice

3. Packing List

4. Bill of Lading

6. Custom Declaration Form (K2)

7. Other related documents in respect of exports and re-exports from Malaysia (export declaration) that required by the DPMMS.

* Documents must be produced additionally as a copy for DPMMS retention.

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